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JEDI Coaching
for parents

Personalized approach to apply the JEDI way to your family!

I am a JEDI coach for parents

As a JEDI designer and Senegalese-Canadian Black woman, I support families in creating a brave space of belonging and openness for JEDI kids in training. My equity and human-centered approach is strengthened by my training in Integral Development Coaching, my personal parenting and professional experience and deeply empathetic listening skills. My coaching is centered around what you need, what you struggle with and your wins in cultural-centered work!

I work with (but not limited to):

  • Mothers who want to raise JEDI kids 

  • Mothers who are part of transracial families

  • Mothers who are raising multiracial children and seek support in raising culturally diverse children

  • Mompreneurs and Women entrepreneurs who want to expand their JEDI knowledge and apply it in their businesses and homes

Contact me and let’s start your JEDI family journey!

*Please note that I also offer JEDI Coaching for teachers*

JEDI Coaching

for corporations

Navigating the current social climate can be difficult for organizations, especially the ones involved with ensuring our children are fed, clothed, safe and learning. JEDI Kids provide JEDI Consulting and Coaching on procurement, internal practices and client facing options for organizations willing to put in the work and wanting to be proactive. Be a part of the visionaries and changemakers and let us support you on your journey.​

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