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Raising the next generation





An acronym we use to stand for

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion which refers to our belief system for how we wish to navigate this life. We believe in a world where we humanize and celebrate our differences to thrive. Every human is unique and it should be celebrated and nurtured to succeed.




The generation of youth currently being raised in a multicultural world that often walks a fine line between love and hate. 

We aim to in still in this generation true inclusivity rooted at the core of their upbringing.


Why Do We Need JEDI Kids?

There is an urgent need to address issues such as Racism, Discrimination and Injustice within our society, ourselves and the next generation to come, our children, the JEDI kids. 

If we think of humanity as a large family, no one is excluded, marginalized, or left out. Everyone has something to offer. As adults, we pass our values to children every day through what we say and do. 

Guiding a child to be an inclusive and compassionate individual can be a hard task for anyone.

We all want our children to live a full life and thrive to the best of their abilities! As parents, teachers, uncles/aunties, grandparents, friends, we need to make sure our children are best prepared to become changemakers and good human beings. We need them to be JEDI Kids! 


You may ask yourself, but how can I do that? Where do I start? Do I need special skills, training or powers? Say no more, JEDI Kids is here for you!

Give children the best chance to grow up as JEDI kids and give yourself the best chance to raise changemakers. The path to a more informed generation is at your fingertips!



Mother to 2 beautiful JEDI kids, Julie wants to help others raise (racially) mindful children. Julie is Senegalese and Canadian and her husband being Haitian, her children have a rich cultural background to be proud of. However, their skin colours may make things difficult for them and this is something Julie wants to change! 

A biochemist by training and an entrepreneur, Julie focuses on helping organizations start, deepen or establish their JEDI strategy or program, as well as creating JEDI content. She is also the co-chair for the B Local Québec chapter, with a focus on Activism and Collective Impact and an experienced facilitator. 

When she is not working, or creating, Julie loves to watch Animes (Japanese animations), do competitive horseback riding and spending time with her family.


How can I help you


JEDI Kids offers fun and interactive workshops to help you raise the next changemaker and equip you with the tools to become JEDI parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, or friends!



JEDI Kids offers immersive 1 on 1 coaching to equip you with tools to start JEDI conversations at home, school, or at the office!

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